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The Concept

It is St John Paul II who started using the importance of the word ‘accompaniment’ whenever he talked about young people. One of the most repeated words during the youth synod was accompaniment. When we look at our movement, one of the key elements in the success of our youth ministry has been the beautiful way elders accompanied our young people. Taking inspiration from our tradition, we wanted to introduce this project – ‘Soul Breaks’.

Who’s it for?

Presently, ‘Soul Breaks’ are open only for young men – but if there are enough enquiries from young women, we will reserve a few months only for women. So, both men and women can contact us.


A minimum of one week to a maximum of one month. Once we receive a mail or a call to the given contact details, we will give the basic details initially and ask them to fill in and send a form with their details and with a reference of one local Jesus Youth leader – We will contact the leader (if we don’t know this candidate) before inviting him/her to the community. We want to make sure that no one misuses this opportunity and that the ‘safe environment’ in the Vineyard is maintained. In the second stage, we will give more details. There won’t be any demands for payments. We will inform them of the actual cost for the food (the rent and the maintenance cost of the villa will be paid from the tithes of a few people in the villa) – but they can contribute according to their ability – so no fixed charges for the ‘soul break’ time.

What will happen here?

Babychayan will be in charge of the community house. Each person will be allocated to one family for closer accompaniment. We will have prayer three times, Bible study, personal meetings with Priests/relevant leaders, etc, during the day which will be arranged by the accompanying family based on the need of each person. For the Holy Mass, meals and prayer, they will be joining our other community house where our seminarians live under the guidance of Fr Ditto. So, we are envisaging a time of prayer, deepening/renewal of their faith through the word of God and a walk with the Priests and elders here.

For any more information

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